This S U C K S

My self-esteem is based solely around my horrid stupid appearance. I can't stand my body and everyday I wish I could just throw that huge half of myself away. Would weight loss help? HECK YEAH IT WOULD! But will I do it? Nah, because I'm so depressed that I keep eating all this crap just so I can have something to do. The ED I have doesn't help much either. People like to make a big joke out of me and use my misfortunes for their entertainment. I swear if it wasn't for God, music and friends I'd be DEAD by now. Psssh...let me TRY and look a bit decent enough to go to the store later on. I hate even leaving the front door sometimes....
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3 Responses May 14, 2011

u luk great

Yup, yup you need to do that:)

Aahh i`m so sorry for you! *hugs*<br />
<br />
But i think you look uber cute:D And peopel shouldn't make fun off you!<br />
And next time they do you should say " I know you envy me, but makeing fun off me isn't gone make you look better" <br />
And tehy'll shut up strigth away:)