If You Don't Run Your Own Life, Somebody Else Will

And I hate the way I'm scared. I'm scared to call my grandma, I'm scared to go alone to school. But, people I hang out with everyday don't notice that. I am very strong on the outside. I'm a total tomboy, I fight alot and I'm short-tempered. But the truth is, it's so easy to hurt me. And the tomboy thingy isn't an act I'm really like that. Just over the last year some things have crushed me and i have to bulid up my self-esteem. 
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2 Responses May 26, 2011

Sure, I'd love to talk to you. =)

It sounds like you need someone to talk too. If you want you can talk to me whenever you want. <br />
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Take Care <br />
Lifeless Star