10 Habits To Improve Your Self Esteem

1. Decide & do it instantly.

If you decided to go and try bungee jumping then go and do it as fast as you can before the voice of second thought would tell you what you can or cannot do.

2. New things to learn every day!

Make it a habit! Chose subject and learn something new every day step by step. From fun facts you can share with your friends to the art of making woollen pictures… Whatever you are into – don’t delay it – learn it now.

3. Make sure you get it right.

If you are not sure of some subject – just ask for an explanation. Yes, I know, there are pretty darn annoying people out there who wouldn’t mind to rub it in your face that you didn’t know something for sure, that may have been obvious for them. So what?! Take a look at point 2 and get on with it. Clarify. Learn new no matter what other may think. You learn, you develop yourself as a person – that’s the only thing that matters.

4. Shape it up!

Ever wanted to try street dance, step, bikram yoga or any other fun active stuff? Do it now. You know better than me – a healthy body possesses a healthy soul. Beautiful reflection in the mirror is another self esteem booster we cannot deny.

5. Walk with style

If you are not happy with your current style – change it. It’s a simple thing to do and is even a boost to the arty part of your soul.

6. The power of smile

Smile more often and stop being so hard on yourself and others around you! Shake the grumpiness away! It will never give you any self esteem kick whatsoever. I promise. So again – be happy and smile as often as you possibly can 24/7.

7. STOP comparing

Or should I say NEVER compare yourself to anybody else. Yes, that is a hard pill to swallow but the only comparison that can be allowed to take place is the one where you compare yourself of today to yourself of yesterday!


As an example, if your friend blames you for breaking that old lamp on purpose – do not justify or look for lame reasons why you broke it. Tell the truth. You hated that lamp and it was time for it to go for good. Guilty look full of excuses for a justified act makes it unjustified.

9. Ideally NOT idealistic

There are no ideal things or people in this world so stop feel bad about it. Forget what you did wrong and focus on what to do right in the future, or now! Be friendly to yourself and others and remember – no one is perfect.

10. Be initiative

Compare the overall number of times you say “Yes” and “No” to new experiences in your life. Analyse that number. Make a decision to change your life for the better by saying “Yes” more often.

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This is very motivating!! Thanks :)!