Getting Older And Still Single :(

I left a bad relationship, but now I am in my 30's, not 20's and I have to compete with girls in their 20's for guys. I'm also not attracted to older men and I won't settle. My whole life I struggled with low self-esteem because of the beauty contest society puts us girls in. I don't sleep at night because of this. Wondering if anyone is in the same boat or has good advice.
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2 Responses Jan 28, 2012

let the inner come out and shine,then people see the real package,take it from an older guy who know,way older,like 45yrs older.but i still act like a teen,.another trick i used on myself was i would pretend i was taking,loved and not avalable for attracts everyone cause they want whats already taking.or maybe thats not a good idea,dont wana insult you in do have spring around the corner and you know what spring can bring.but really,if u start with letting people know good u feel it will attract the right person who sees' u for the hole package.thks for ya time-dewy-the canadian kid.

I'm not quite in the same boast as you... I'm 21 and trust me I'm winning no competitions with ANYONE, but I do feel the same about this whole beauty contest society. I hate it...