Low Self Esteem/confidence

Hey guys.. im an 18 year old girl with no confidence. I often feel useless and intimidated by people who appear better than me:( School is a struggle for me as im too shy/scared to answer questions..I feel that what im going to stay is stupid! In social gatherings,i tend to appear shy and often feel uncomfortable. I wish i could just be myself in all situations .. Any advice? thanx xoxo
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Hi Lauren, I this post is really old but nevertheless Im going to reply to this and I hope you get to see it.
I've been under the exact same 'school struggle' in my growing up years. I used to dread every social gathering because I always worried about my appearance (I thought I looked terrible as a teen!). I had a mouth full of braces to add to it plus I kinda sucked at school.
I am 25 today and I have definitely grown to surprise my self. I realised that it was imp to start accepting the way I am->I started to accept my teeth they way they are, I started to appreciate my flat chest (but secretly hoped to have a nice chest someday), I never really got to wear stylish clothes..but I learnt to make the most of it. And BANG..all that automatically changed me totally. I might have still been a weakling in the eyes of my friends, but to me, I was a new me..I was proud of myself. I started caring less about what my fake friends thought of me, the real ones always stuck with me...
Today i have grown to build a solid protective-boundary around myself to beat the **** out of anyone who dares to say anything to put me down! LOL i know this sounds intense, but I really don't bother about anyone and to me all that matters is my inner happiness. And finding the right man made my life better.
I hope things are great at your end xx

I was like this as a teen. First find a good friend not to feel alone. Then attend social events, U do not need to stand out just observe, learn and decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong and what is not U. If U observe something that feels good learn. And start to speak up. Do not be afraid. There is no such thing as right or wrong talking, it is just debate and stating opinions. If someone dos not like your opinion, never mind, someone else will. Also U say if U do not like someone's opinion too. There is no harm in this. <br />
That is how I learned first but I went out only with my best friend by my side. She did not stay with me all the time but I new I had the back up just in case.