I Don't Like My Self

I am black but I have light skin and don't act black. I hang out with people of different back grounds. One day, I started liking this asian dude! but I feel like he is not interested in me. I feel like **** because everytime I like someone, I never get that person and that always lowers my self confidence! help me!
sholio sholio
18-21, F
3 Responses May 6, 2012

Forget all the nonsense of acting black because its impossible to act like a colour lol It just means you dnt fall in to a stereotype. I hang out with people from all races most of my friends are white which i ain ashamed to admit. Anyway, u should approach the guy and make the first move and just what happens, if it dnt work out then it ain't the end of world it just weren't meant to be.

we still live in a pretty primitive world. There are cases of asians dating black people (for e.g.), but not enough to make it common. Maybe its not even a difference of colour thing, maybe he just wasnt that into you, or maybe he was shy. Keep doing your thing and you'll get there.

It happens. Keep trying! There are plenty of them to search and hunt for the right guy for you. Good luck!