Wet Dreams: That's Where It All Started.

I don't share this with many people, most men wouldn't, I guess. I grew up in a time when no one mentioned wet dreams. Mine started in Grade 7 when I was 13. Not every night, mind you, but many nights, I would ********* while sleeping. No one told me that this was normal so, of course, I thought I was wetting the bed.

For the whole year I thought I was wetting the bed. I'd wake up, feel the wetness and feel ashamed that I was peeing my bed. While I can't remember where I slept, I mean I had different rooms that I slept in, I will always remember the feeling of shame when I ********** in the night, then had to go to school feeling that I had peed my pajamas/bed during the night. Girls liked me but I hated the feeling of shame and never felt comfortable with myself that whole year.

Add to the fact that it was a new school, bigger and better than my old school, and that I was surrounded by kids I didn't know and, well, you get the point.

What's worse, even though I have been through this, I couldn't get the gumption to tell my son about this. Did he know what was happening? Is he going to end up the same crippled jerk that I am? I hope not. So far he's doing well. My shame continues....
str88 str88
56-60, M
May 21, 2012