Success In Failures

I stood in middle of road broke; cornered from all sides and felt there is no light on either sides of dark tunnel.
i decided to fight this battle and asked god to strengthen me and give me one opportunity to fight back.
it came and i took up and i found the light in the corner of tunnel and moved away from darkness.
you need to be tough, brutle to self, flexible but never pity self if you have low esteem
prepare for victory and it will be yours

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4 Responses Jun 9, 2012

I truly love the way you quoted this...


I couldn't have put it better

I know how you feel as I have been in that dark tunnel as like you also felt so alone and despondent ..but luckily I had help from a devine source and its this supreme being that has guided me through the past 15 years, without which I would have perished in this sometimes unkind world of our's.

good read, good advice