Would You Consider Bad Self Esteem, Or Something Else?

I dont mean to, but when it comes to myself i will strive to be perfect. Like i mean, i know perfection dosent exist, but i want to be the best that i can. For example, im talking to this girl, we both like each other, and as a joke she will mention a celebrity she finds attractive. I mean it dosent bother me, but subconsciously i guess it gets to me. She will joke that im too skinny (which i honestly dont think i am, and ive been working out steadily so it gets insulting). I wont say anything. Id like to think im pretty attractive, but like i said i know that no one can be perfect. I dont show the weakness either, because i know that is undesirable. I just wanna be perfect for the girl im with. I work out, take care of myself, etc. Another thing, i over apologize sometimes. Is there anything i can do to work on these things? I dont want to be like this though. Cause i know it can be annoying. Like i realize i should just be happy with who i am so i dont annoy anyone.Its just something i think about a lot, probably because i over analyze things. Any advice you offer would be great.
bornbetter878 bornbetter878
18-21, M
Jun 22, 2012