I Try

I try to see worth in myself you know what I mean...because surely everybody's worth something. To SOMEONE I mean jeez come on right? But it's so hard. Because throughout life when you're told that you're LESS than **** it kinda sticks with you. And really you can't blame those people who told you, you gotta move on and you just gotta make life work without blaming others. They were stupid right? But sometimes my mind just ***** with me. I'll be thinking one thing and then here comes that creepy little spider crawling over my brain saying things to the contrary and always negative and I'm just like, "Ugh, get outta here before I spray you with some bug ****!"
It's frustrating because I know I feel this way because of things I'd been told when I was younger, and I was told so young that my brain didn't have time to combat it. Old enough to comprehend but not old enough to reject it as untrue.
harajukuhunny harajukuhunny
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2012