I Don't Know How To Change.

Ever since I can remember I have never truely loved myself. I think back and I don't even know why this is. I had a pretty good childhood. I try to think positive each day, I have good days, and I have bad days like everybody else does. But the bad days are the worst. I feel like there is someone in my head (not meaning to sound crazy) telling me that i'm never going to achieve anything, why would anyone ever love me and that i'm useless. I know that my way of thinking hurts the people around me and they dont see what I see. I don't enjoy meeting new people because I think they see what I see. I don't like socializing because I feel like people are judging me all the time. I know I need to change and get on with my life, otherwise I am going to ruin my relationships with people. I can't wait for the day I can look in the mirror and like everything about me.
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I have struggled with the same issues most of my life. I used to hear constant negative "chatter" inside my head. I began going to counseling and learned that my brain doesn't produce enough neurotransmitters that help me think positive about life. I began taking the antidepressant Zoloft and my world has changed so much for the better. My relationships are healthy and I I feel like I have something special to offer this world. Brain chemistry balance is very important for people who struggle with depression, moodiness and negativity. I have also learned new life skills such as regular exercise, which foods to avoid and how to incorporate prayer and meditation into my daily routine. Only a doctor can guide you on the right path for you. Please seek guidance from a professional. There is help avaliable for you. Best of luck!

Oh that's so many people who feel this way. Maybe find someone who is very loving to be friends with, get some therapy too from doctor & try Zumba or fun dancing.<br />
It is really difficult, I know.