I Want To Be Loved: But Can't Risk To Be Hated

I want to be loved and have friends who I can trust and fall in their arms when I cant go on but so far that moment has never come to me. I was bullied and my primary school for being light brown instead of white like everyone else. My parents didn't believe me when I told them so I carried on suffering. Now I look around in my secondary school and watch everyone hanging out and having fun and wish to do the same but I get to scared about what they will think of me. I want to be loved but I am to afraid to be hated.
MikaHina MikaHina
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2012

i feel the same. I am in high school i am turning 16 and i have suffered from bullying for so long. I cant even remember when it started. So if you ever want to talk feel welcome.

I really want to make friends and I have had one best firend but, she gave me a note asking me to not be her friend beacuse other people didn't want to be her friend cuz of me, I really want a friend who i can trust but i just dont want the same thing to happen again, its so hard to just, let go fo the past.