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Because Of A Rare Skin Disease ...

I admit I have Low self esteem. Its hard walking around the school campus not being considered the prettiest. I mean I'm still in school but jealousy really isn't the issue , I suffer with a rare skin disease (that sadly has no cure ) called vitiligo. Some of you might be familiar to the old sing Michael Jackson maybe ? Well he suffered from the same thing ...
Having Low self esteem causes me to do somethings sometimes so I can feel beautiful . I just got to stressed one day and started smoking marijuana in like jr. high , Im in high school so its been some years. I then realized that smoking wasn't for me . I would take to alot of older guys but you all know what they wanted. Yes im still a virgin.. It's kind of sad in a way , you know. I don't even have trust for anyone but god. It feels good to vent to people who know where I'm coming from.
laurainn laurainn 16-17, F Aug 21, 2012

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