No, I use to but it takes time...

No, I use to but it takes time with yourself by yourself untill you love yourself to get rid of low self esteem and I've had all the time needed to realize I really am a prize
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Great story........Your appreciated........God bless you....:)

I am working on getting mine back right now. Three years ago I was on top of the world. I went back to school, was making excellent grades, lost a ton of weight and started getting my confidence back. Then I got into a serious relationship and I was stupid. I let him drain me of all my confidence. I stayed with him 2 1/2 years and gained all my weight back and my self esteem hit rock bottom. We are no longer together and now as the end result my physical body is like a train wreck! Which as you can imagine does not mentally make me feel too peppy or attractive! I have been battling depression also after just losing my job and when I am stressed I eat! What a mess! I need a kick in the butt! I see you pulled yourself together! I am trying to gather the strength to do the same. I have done it before and now I must do it again! Your story is a great reminder that it can be done. I really like your story and I am glad I read it!