Movies Shouldnt Have Nudity In Them!

Im in my 20s, and my man is too. Ive already married n divorced because my ex husband would watch **** behind my back(other reasons too) and I couldntstand it. Which may very well be why im so insecure about it.. I am now with a really amazing man.. But he has **** magazines and I asked him to put them in the shed because theyre vintage. Well I was cleaning today n found a "virgin butt" dvd in our closet. Ive obviously talked to him before, so why am I finding this after 2 years?? I love action movies but since I was with my ex I cany watch them if theres more than 1 sex scene in it!? It makes me so jealous watching him watch it. I love him with all my heart but just cant stand it anymore. I tried talking to him about it 2 days ago, but he said its just a movie, its just you, you werent like this when we got together.. but im soo deeply in and I know if I braught it up again, he will leave me. Are all men like this? Expect you to do everything to the T, but when we ask them something.. Its just too much for them to do, and were crazy for having feelings? Ive been crying nonstop... Help? how do I deal with this?
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I think that if you go on the website 'one angry girl' and go to 'anti p*rn resources' and show your husband the damage and abuse that is caused to the women in these industry he should stop. Men who watch p**n disgust me too- they begin to compare their partners to these women in the movies who are used as machines to generate money and pleasure to disgusting and scruple less man. **** is so damaging to everyone and especially effects the the self esteem of wives and girlfriends and if he thinks it is acceptable to watch movies in which women are literally been torn to shreds (if you read experiences of ex- p**n actresses you will know what i mean) for entertainment you should consider if this is the man you want to spend your life with.

Or perhaps you should give him a taste of your own medicine and pretend to be turned on by other men on tv and talk about them a lot and let him see how it feels.

I really hope he stops sweetie.


Its soo hard to talk to him. his grandpa is a horrible man, he talks to my boyfriend aboutt **** right in front of me, he says "i dont know how sara feels, but I have about 200 ****** you can have" why the heck would he say that?? Especially because he knows I dont like ****!!! My man has told him not to talk about it in front of me, but he still does. When im upset its written all over my face. i treat this man wayyyy better than any other man and I dont understand why he thimks its ok. If I try talking about it, he says im crazy, thay all men are going to look at naked women. I said what if I were watching **** and getting off on it? He said he wouldnt care, but yet he made me stop going on facebook cuz some guy said I make his **** hard. So I can tell it would bother him.... I absolutely love this man with all of my heart, and more. We grew up together n have a lot in common. But he wants to control certain things I do, but when I ask him to throw away his **** dvd he yells at me n throws stuff in my face that he assumes. I know im putting him off like a bad guy, but he is really good to me and my son. He pays all the bills cuz I cant work right now, but how do I get him to realize how much I hurt over it? Without causing an argument or him break up with me? We honestly only have a few problems, if we could get past them we could be amazing. But because I get so upset when theres a naked woman on screen I feel he has a sense of hate or discust towards me. I feel hurt n upset all the time, because he yells at me instead of comforts me. I treat him like gold, but I just get upset too much. Any ideas of how I could curb my feelings?