For a long time I couldn't make anyone understand how much I hurt and how much people hurt me. So I tried to hurt them as badly as I could. And make them care about me. I have said some terrible things about and to people, and I hate myself for it.
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There are times in all of our lives when we feel as though no one truly knows us.God bless you..:)

You have been hurt, you tried to relieve of yourself of that pain in any way possible. You were just trying to survive. The important thing is that you realize what you have done was not the best way to deal with things and you regret it. That makes you a GOOD person. You have no reason to hate yourself for it. Go out and do something nice for somebody else and don't ask for anything in return. Take the negative and turn it into a positive. Don't hate yourself. You don't deserve it.

same with me...i understand

I suspect self-hate to be the downfall of every man or woman. Adding to the post I made a minute or so ago, when you hate yourself you can't give yourself ANY credit for the good things you do, but you can sure hate yourself even more for even the smallest bad thing you do. And it's a self-feeding, perpetuating cycle that has to be broken somewhere...I just don't know where yet.