Fat Not Perfect

sooo.. today was one of the worst days of my life i wa called fat 3 times today at a party ..in different ways of course!the first one was a girl named karina(my cousin's cousin) and my cousin eli were talking "hey...the twins got bigger huh? " karina said "nah ni**a they're just fat"eli said which i didnt hear i read their lips.....then there was the same girl karina she came up to us while we're getting tacos and she says" hey i havent seen you guys in a long a** time you're the skinny one right (to my twin) and she's the CHUNKY one." which really hurt my feelings:( me and my friends go outside and start talking and my heart was just so broken and the pain was so hard i went to bathroom and started crying and comparing my lives to other people.....i wash my face and clean up ..go outside and dont see my friends...i go inside and see them....we start having fun and i forget for i while...until my friend's mom comes to pick her up from the baby shower "hey this one has gotten very skinny " she said to my mom referring to my twin and i act like i dont hear and my friends says" they're both skinny!" (but of couse she just said to make me feel better cuz she knows my life isn't great) :( we get home and i tell my mom that i've had the worst day of my life and i start telling her what happens and she agrees with them and starts telling me..."well what do you do to get your self skinny, do you eat salads, do u do eat exercise, no?!" and i was like really mom? and i start bawling! (and btw i do, do exercise and eat salads once in a while)but i agree ill just go anorexic, die and watch everyone from hell, or heaven regret everything they did to me !!!!!!

amustachegirl amustachegirl
13-15, F
Sep 16, 2012