hmmmm i grew up with mostly everyone hating me...they always called me a poser, my family and i for most of the time never had enough money for new clothes so others would mock me and call me a ****** and the like.....well all this led to me being uncomfortable with myself and look down on myself..i remember how in school i was always fighting for security......nowadays i usually just ignore those that crush my spirit, but i deserve it they say......i mainly want to be someone powerful so that i can heal myself and others from this world.....
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You don't need to be powerful to heal yourself. What makes you think you need healing?

You have all the power you'll ever need. It's inside you.
It could take you a while to find, but know that's it's there.
I went thru some of the same stuff..
I let others tell me who I was and who I was supposed to be way too many times.
Find yourself, find what makes you happy, and forge ahead.
If you come across anyone that has a problem that, they aren't worth your time!