LSE, Too.

Hi there (I'm new)... Here goes... I've always hated myself for almost every aspect of my being.  I look at myself and can only think of the negative aspects.

Everytime I venture into new possibilities, I tend to do well, but I never believed other people's compliments, even when they reassure me that their remarks are sincere.

Everytime I involve myself in certain activities, even if I do pretty well, it's my lack of self-esteem and confidence that makes me lose my balance, and I end up failing in those activities even though I would have done well had I not yielded to self-deprecating thoughts.  (Failing by suddenly being reluctant to express myself to the utmost; withdraw right away for fear of failure because I do not trust myself and my capabilities).

I've been described as perfectionist and too hard on myself, because I am never satisfied with what I do.  I hate everything I do.  For every little mistake, I punish myself by thinking of more insults I could throw at myself.

Perhaps this one of the most difficult challenges for me: to learn to love myself and appreciate my own efforts, and to learn how to forgive myself as well.

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There are times in all of our lives when we feel as though no one truly knows us....God bless you...:)

This sounds like me.......everyone always says i'm to hard on myself

I echo jmcolinz, I recommend Breaking the Chain of Low Self Esteem<br />
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I suffer from LSE also. I found a book that is helping me understand it and is helping me to recover.<br />
The book is- Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem<br />
Written by: Marilyn J Sorensen, PhD<br />
Good Luck!

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yeah i feel like at first, that but after 4 years my dad token me to the doctors and they said i have Major Depressive Disorder.<br />
no one can help by a quick fix speech, your stuck in this hopeless hole where everything falls apart, you cant do anything, your better of dead, they put me on drugs and they didnt work, so i talk about things made me feel what i said (stuff you should say infront of anyone) my girlfirend cheated on me and i left her, my mum die, i didnt go to school, sleep, eat, and crying for stuff i should get over. i bet no one replys because they think am insane, or dont wana talk to someone that ... bad.<br />
i am nice to ppl, i just hope you dont get the wrong idea<br />
<br />
<br />
am guessing your waiting for the happy ending? so do i

It is a challenge! I have the same problem, but i think i am slowly progressing.

Yep, I am really taking an inventory of myself these days. Learning that I do not have to be perfect. I am not working right now because of my lack of confidence in myself. I am very hard on myself and this creates more problems. But I am learning to give myself permission to be kind to myself and accept my humaness.

I think that our concerns are very similar. Read my post and you'll see what I mean. Just hang in there for now.