Self Doubt Empties The Glass

I grew up in a home where one was constantly criticized. Nothing was ever good enough in the eyes of my parents. It could always be better. An A- wasn't good enough that was lousy because it wasn't an A. An A wasn't good enough cause it wasn't an A+. A B was totally unacceptable. And a C forget it--that would have been like failing.

This constant need desire to do better than everybody by my parents led to my very low self esteem. Once you get stuck into that hole it is so hard to climb out of.

I find myself being my own worst critic. I find that I berate myself half the time without even knowing that I do. I put myself down.

The crazy thing is that when I do that then I put myself down for falling into the trap of putting myself down.

When I screw up in life---I'm always like see u r a no good worthless sob---this just proves it.

If something does go right--I say well this won't last long..something bad always happens.

I guess I'm the proverbial the glass is half empty kind of guy.
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Nov 28, 2012