well... I've almost been physically killed a couple times by my dad :/
i don't wanna blame him and say that's why i have low self esteem but i think that contributed a bit.
i feel that it helps if you think positive and don't focus on yourself. and talk to people like you're talking to yourself. :D gl
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I feel that I think I've in some type of position where I've almost been killed, but or either in my dreams I have died before or have almost died.But my heart is so torn by so many that I don't have the heart to love anymore. Just a different type of love. Not the real thing.But for everything I think there is a reason.That's why I don't trust anyone.It's a crazy world out there and I wouldn't trust just anyone with your heart.I feel depressed because I don't know who I am to someone and why I'm here.But if I were to die.It would probably be the same.