My Life

Hey Everyone , Or Hey Who Ever Is Reading This! My Name Is Myjhae Im 13 Years Old And I Have No Clue What I Want To Be When I Get Older , I Say I Want To Be A Nurse So I Can Save Peoples Lives ' But I Dont Really Think I Have A Chance To Be A Nurse. I Wanted To Be A Singer So I Could Express My Feeling When I Sing ' But I Really Can't Sing That Good. And Least I REALLY Wonna Be An Actor ' But Im Scared. I Have So Many Problems And I Dont Know How. Sometimes i Just Think , Why Am I Here? Sometimes It Feels Like No Body Loves Me REALLY , Like I Havent Heard "I Love You" In All My Life. I Wonna Be Known , I Wonna Be A Movie Star ; I Just Dont Know How To. I Just Hope When I Get Older I Will Be A Better Person And Have A Great Life. I Want To Be An Actor Or Nurse ' I Want To Be Married ' I Want To Have Kids ' AND HAVE FUN !
Myjhae Myjhae
13-15, F
Jan 5, 2013