My Life... Kinda

I'm very unsociable!
It's getting worse...
I have low self esteem, and I'm overly self conscious.
I always feel like I'm never good enough for everyone, I know I'm not pretty (I have NEVER been called pretty by anyone but my mum), I'm never called smart, I'm always told I'm fat, emo etc the list goes on.
I don't understand why I feel like this, It's like the world is trying to make me unhappy.
I have been told I will never achieve my dreams, I can't sing (which hurts me in more ways you can think of haha) and more.
I have always sung, since I was a little tiny toddler, it has always been 'my thing'. I have NEVER been confident enough to sing in front of anyone, but a few years ago, this girl I know kept going on about how good at singing she was and stuff, so I thought... Oh maybe I should try, so a year later I built up the confidence N sung... Ever since then, I have just been compared to her! Oh wow 'Barbra' is such a good singer! Wow, everyone loves 'Barbra' blah blah, 'ph why can't you sing as well as Barbra? I guess she just practises more than you, and has a better voice and vocal range, maybe you should take lessons?'
This has destroyed me beyond belief... I have also been told that I will never work with animals because 'I would eat them' which was a weird thing for 'Trevor' to say, because I'm vegetarian... Guess that was just a life rant there...
Sorry, but I just feel like I needed to get that out of my system... Similar experiences anyone?
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

yeah, i feel the same, like im alone and less than everyone else. people have told me im a useless dumbf-ck and i should just go kill myself and end my misery. i have been called an emo, goth, freak, waste of space... i know exactly what you mean. you arent alone.

Thank you :)

41 people have read this story and no one gives an opinion or advices to this young girl, whats wrong with you people?

but, you didn't either.