Uncofident Me

In my family and class I'm the most insecure, weirdest, impulsive and strangest person. Like any teen I would feel jealous of my friends looks and achievements. I would feel insecure of how the way I look. Even my own mother can't understand me. My friends are so different from me. They're so happy with their lives. While, I can never be contented. I have never in my life been confident. I have never shown my true nature to anyone not even to my parents. Mean people hurt me a lot I pretend to be strong and fight back. But deep inside I just want to stay in a little corner to cry and express all my feelings. When I'm really sad I or down in the dumps or plainly frustrated I would think of ending my life.

My relatives compare me to my cousins achievements no matter how small. I have never felt really appreciated by anyone of them. I work hard in school so I could graduate with honors. I'm working really hard so that when I will turn into an adult I will go to a far away place to help people especially teenage girls who are insecure like me.

This blog has helped me a lot to express my feelings and stuff.

By: insecure nobel
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Jan 14, 2013