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Hi, I'm new to this sort of stuff, so a little nervous! I just feel like I need to talk to someone who doesn't know me for some reason? I'm 24 years old, and since I was around 15 until 18 I was constantly bullied, had no friends and kept to myself. I feel like this has had a massive impact on the way I feel about myself at the moment, I am too afraid to do anything by myself, I find it difficult to speak to anybody new as I feel they won't card what I have to say. this is stopping me from getting a job, I have no money, I don't go out anymore. the only 2 great things in my life are my little puppy and my fiance, which I still can't believe I got a boyfriend let alone a fiance! he's great, but slowly losing patience with me as I've been suffering depression, anxiety and having panic attacks for almost 2 years now. I just want some words of wisdom and encouragement to make myself feel better! if you took the time to read this, thank you VERY MUCH!
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Yes I've been offered counselling but its a group thing and the thought of speaking to strangers is terrifying to me, and makes me hate panic attacks! I'm sure ill get through it but its just hard with so many problems in my life and no idea where to start fixing them :(

Give yourself a pat on the back for fighting back through the depression and anxiety. It is so hard to do, been there and done that. Communicate that is the biggest thing you can do to help yourself and him. Do you have it all the time, certain times? Is there anyway you can seek professional help for your depression?

I know how you feel. I have low self esteem. When I get depressed and my fiancé likes to say when I get in my mood. My fiancé has lost patience before. But he see me try to fight through the depression and anxiety. Maybe if you try talking to him bout it and show him that you are trying to fight through it he would understand alittle more. I hoped this helped alittle. Good luck :)

Thank you :) yea I have tried speaking to him about it, he feels like I'm not trying with him,when the only thing on my mind is I'm useless! sometimes I think no matter how many times I tell him, he will never understand!

So you feel like you are? The easiest thing you can do together is try to take it step by step. It's gonna be hard but take it slow. Sometimes I don't understand how my fiancé is with me and I feel like I will never know. But he hasn't given up on me and believe me I'm nuts lol.