I do not recall at what age my mind was altered to become this distorted view of myself. You see, when I gaze into my lipstick kiss stained mirror I see an oversized girl. I'm 5'3", 120 lbs.... No where near overweight and I know that but I'm not at all what I feel is good enough. I want to look like Nina Agdal or any VS model. I want right and toned tummies and high gaps and a tight round butt and my life has come to living for this. Everyday I think about how I eat and how much I need to lose. Not a day goes by without me looking in the mirror at the fat and cellulite and hideousness that is myself. I've told my told and she tries her best to help but I just need some people that feel what I feel.
BelieseY BelieseY
13-15, F
Jan 25, 2013