I Cant Help It,

I dont care how many times I hear how Im beautiful, not fat, not horribly ugly, etc., I still cant shake those thoughts that Im everything the opposite of what all my friends and family tell me constantly. I wish it was different. I wish I wasnt constantly downing myself, and looking for new reasons as to why Im such a horrible person. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, get dressed, and try to get decent looking, and Ill look in the mirror, and think "wow, maybe you are sort of pretty", and then I go out in public or get around other people, and I feel so insignificant compared to them. And I know it's a horrible thing to compare myself to other people. I dont want to. I wish I didnt. I cant help the way I am, though. I try to change it. Maybe one day I will.
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try and do this,everyday find someone in your day too day stuff and complement them out of the blue.and im not talking about the super models,for real,find something you like about them and say out loud''hey you look great in that sweater or your server at your fav food joint that they where great and really appreciated there time.im a 45 yr old and have lived on both sides,when i was younger i had everyone wanting a piece of me,girls,boys,and teachers-men and woman.now my hair has receded there is not much intrest in me anymore.shallow eh?but if a girl looks,looks really hard.she can see my true features.try goin out and volunteering too groups that need a hand.there you will find beautiful people.not with looks.i mean from the inside out.people with heartships find the ways to feel greatfull,you might find yourself feeling alittle in barest to feel the way you do.if ya got it-flont it!!! i know you can match the out-side with your inner,your just need to give life alittle purpose thats all.spead the you over everyone.thks for the time-ya canadian friend-dewy

Great story Your appreciated God bless you.....:)

I feel the same way. I will try and look pretty for my husband. But I always carry a big jacket to cover up with. Or hide under really. He can tell me I am beautiful but all I can do is fake a smile and look down or away. I figure he tells me that because he has too. When ever I get dressed all I see are faults. I hope by being here we all can help each other not feel this way

This might help. Keep telling youself tat you are beautiful. Keep telling yourself positive things and you would be amazed at how well it works. If you keep telling yourself that you are not beautiful then you will feel that way forever. I tried it and it worked for me

thats how I feel too...<br />
even my bf says "ur beautiful" and he'll be like "do u not believe me?".....<br />
its hard for me to take compliments, but I do....<br />
Its just hard to understand why anyone finds me attractive....so (hug).....I know how u feel...even if its just a "LiL'....I am insecure too...have been for YeArs...lol<br />
and if u ever need someone to talk to, I'm here