My Perfect Best Friend

my friend can be awesome, but at times her 'jokes' can hurt. i don't want to say anything to her because she's just not the 'talk about it' type and she'd just give me a weird look and change the subject. shes funny and pretty, and everyone i know who knows both of us always seems to like my friend better than me. this includes guys too. even some of my friends who knew me before her always go up and say hi to her first, or sit next to her, or tell jokes to her, and forget about me. i always compare myself to her - i can't help it! plus, i'm tall for my age and hate it. i really have no one to talk to and its getting really depressing. thx for reading :]

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

I'll Tell you about a friend that I had that was like that. I was going to trade school and she was......what........I don't remember. But she had a large group of friends and me going to a smaller school instead of the University didn't plus for me it was just work and school for most of the time. We did become BF and GF going out and stuff but if her friends showed up they would ignore me all together.<br />
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I didn't put up with it. If she was going to ignore me and treat me like the couch then I didn't need her. I went and did my own thing and tried to have friends of my own. If I compared myself to her then I would always come up short. <br />
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But I found that I was able to talk to some of her friends and become better friends with them. <br />
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How? You may ask - by letting them know that you are there. If you are introduced then step up and have the confidence in yourself to put her behind you and you take the spot light even if it is for just a hello. <br />
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Don't do like me and melt into the shadows, be visible, be assertive, be confident in you.