What Drives Low Self Esteem?

I have been working on my low self esteem for the better part of 5 years now.  I have been slipping on the slope and my wife has noticed.  She has gotten on me about it too.

So I have been doing some reading on this subject and have found some information that may help to address self esteem issuses for some out there.

Self Image - We have it and are we trying to keep up with the ads the TV, mags and the NET is shoving down our throats? 

Be happy with you if you are not happy with you then you are the only person that can change that.  If it be looks, attitude, outlooks, that is the biggest thing to look at.

Self Confidence - It is directly linked to self esteem.  No bones about it.

There is a couple of things that i have found in reading to re-build your self confidence.

"Our self confidence is cut off at the knees when we are feeling fearful.  It is also completely stopped when we feel guilty or discouraged."

If we can rid ourselves of these three things in our lives then our self confidence will be renewed.

Think of what we can do with our self confidence and how it will affect our self esteem.


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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Mtvlm, thanks for sharing. That is very interesting and helps me try to figure things out.

I have gotten a book and part way through it but I will share if you want.

Hum...I see your point....Something for me to ponder!

We all need and crave a periodic boost to increase our self image. It’s one of the reasons that men surround themselves with a network of friends, family members and associates. But it’s what that tiny voice inside your head is saying to you, that makes all the difference.<br />
<br />
To build self esteem you have to be true to yourself by acknowledging your strengths and limitations. Another important step is to accept and value yourself unconditionally.<br />
<br />
Step 1: Rebut the Inner Critic<br />
Step 2: Seek Spiritual Guidance <br />
Step 3: Practice Self-Nurturing<br />
Step 4: Get Help from Others<br />
<br />
It is my belief that you are made in Gods image and are perfect just the way He made you. I think He is pretty amazing! What does that say about you? :-)