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Hi My names Cheri,

And I suffer from low self -esteem. Something I've dealt with all my life. I look in the miror and I always hate who I see. I feel like I'm so ugly. People will and have told me I'm pretty and I never believe them.My low self esteem issue has lead me to a series of Domestic Violence relationships that I often would stay in and take the abuse.My mom was verbally abusive to me growing up. She passed away last year and I have mixed feeling about her, I'm sad and I did love her but a part of me disliked how she treated me growing up, she even allowed other people in the family mistreat me and make me feel like I didn't matter.

My low self esteem has lead me into drinking alot, become permiscuous, and my low self esteem allows people to mistreat me. I just want to learn to love myself even if noone else ever did.

CheriCena CheriCena
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

hey dont worry... start with loving your ownself...<br />
create reasons to love urself....<br />
i mean do things which matter..... then you will get the respect you deserve.. CHEERS...

Yes, I sympathize with you. My mom was also verbally abusive. Yes, she encouraged others too mistreat me, too<br />
You don't have to take such treatment from anyone now. When people act that way just tell them<br />
that you have a right to be respected and treated decently. If they can't do that, you don't need them.<br />
People who care try to build you up,not tear you down. Get away from negativity. Find friends who <br />
value you for who you are. Don't sell yourself short to please anyone. When you keep giving in, they'll keep trying to use you for selfish reasons. All the while they'll really feel contempt. <br />
Stand up to them. Don't lower yourself.<br />
Your early treatment set you up to be expploited and fearful of others. You can change that. I did. It took me awhile to see I wasn't powerless. That I didn't have to<br />
be used to be accepted. That's not true acceptance. You<br />
can be your own boss now. Good luck!