Lack of Confidence Holds Me Back

I am working on my low self esteem, and I have come far. I now accept that people like me, that my looks are OK and I am worthy of love.

But in the world of work ... I just can't do it. I feel all my ideas are either pathetic, really basic and that I'm just a useless lump. I feel everyone is laughing at me and wondering how I managed to hold down an IT role for 7 years with so little intelligence. I'm too shy to ask for help. At work I feel like a big fat useless lump.

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36-40, F
1 Response Aug 11, 2007

im Trying to Work on my Low Self Esteem and Somehow Experience Project is Helping Rather well, As for the intelligence Sometimes i Feel like that to =[ Sucks at times alot, But Just Think about it...Dont Worry weather people are judging you, its Your life..No One is going to Die 4 You So They cant tell you what to do, So Dont Feel Like your Ideas are Pathetic..You Have to Believe in Yourself in order for others to Believe you CAN Do it, Your Not a Useless Lump!! Your a Thinker! And you Have Brilliant Ideas SHARE THEM WITH THE WORLD! Dont Be Nervous