I've been married for 5 years now and I need out because I feel BORED and I have lost attraction for my husband... He is always broke and never has money to help out..always asking everybody for ride.....he puts bills under my name and doesn't pay on time so they end up sending my name to collection agency....he always begs me to have sex but to be honest with you I really don't want to,,,I mean who would after all the **** he put me through.....I am just sick and tired of it and I want out but he some how manages to make me feel guilty...... He has more clothes then anybody...once he goes in the washroom he honestly takes more then 1 hour to finish doing whatever he's doing....He runs his mouth and talks too much **** about everybody....He thinks he's better then everybody else.....he's negative and caused distance between me and my family.....even the way he eats I CAN'T stand it, he eats like a dog, (where is ur manners?!!!) I was sleeping one night and he came in the room and was eating I honestly thought it was a dog eating...no manners or respect whatsoever ...I honestly don't even know how I lasted this long with him....I want to leave him but I literally have no support from my family...I mean my family aren't nice to me...they are worse....so I am basically on my own and this kind of scares me....My relationship with my father is not good at all because I don't agree with his life style and the way he is...I have witnessed so many bad things from my father that when I see him I honestly can't even look at his face...He has done very bad things and as a child I had to witness all that ****... he put me through so much as a child...my mother abandoned me when I was 2 years of age so my father had to take over n take care of us siblings....He did take care of me but he exposed us to so many bad things and was surrounded with bad people, Drugs, abuse,etc.........I honestly have no relation with either my mom nor my dad....my father did not pay attention to me as a child, he every night would bring his druggy friends and do drugs in the room...the whole house would smell like drugs,,every time i went to school all my clothes smelled like drugs.....They both were bad and believe still are....so it is very hard for me to leave this marriage....I mean I have experienced the worse in my life so maybe thats why I haven't left this marriage because he is not as bad but I feel if I leave my husband then I will be completely alone and that scares me....not sure what to do at this time.....but it is clear that I can not stand my dad, my husband, my mom and other family members.....when I say they are bad I mean it, I honestly am not making it up...I have witnessed and have seen the worse from these people...sometimes being alone is better but being alone can drive you crazy too.
voguetouch voguetouch
31-35, F
Aug 22, 2014