I Have Always Been a Sufferer.

I have always been dealing with low self esteem. It was something that I have always dealt with. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I hated being in pictures. I hated shopping for clothes. I hated swimming. Anything that I would have to show my body. I started to wear make up to cover what I thought was a ugly face marked with pimples, which wasn't the case at all. I am still working on this but I am getting through it slowly but I am doing it!
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I suffer from general anxiety disorder for most of my life. With that disorder, comes depression, low self esteem and panic attacks, just a general depression. I have been on medication for my disorder for the past six months. I have noticed a huge difference in my attitude though my self esteem as a far way to go. I am sure that when I start to loose the weight, I will feel better about myself in many ways. It's very shallow but it's all about how people perceive you, I guess.

I've struggled with low self-esteem as well. I think for me it comes from having been told I wasn't good enough as a child and that voice still peeks through most of what I do today, even when I am suppressing it. Why do you think you have low self-esteem? Is it a body image problem? Do you feel like you are not good enough now and that you can be, or that it is futile and you deserve to have low self-esteem? Of course you don't have to answer these questions, I am just curious. It's nice to share these experiences with other young females.<br />
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Whatever the case may be, I bet you're a beautiful person who is simply waiting for a world to exist without judgment and superficial standards. Me too, my friend. Me too.

I am trying that's for sure though It's still kind of hard. I have my good days and I have my bad days but doesn't everyone?

Good for you! I still hate looking at myself in the mirror...