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I have a very low self esteem. It became worst when my ex made me feel that I wasn't good enough for him because I'm not equally attractive as him. I mean I already know that I'm ugly, he does not have to rub it on my face. I know you'd probably say that I should not give him the satisfaction to see me get affected with it but I did and I am. I avoid mirrors as much as possible because it pulls me down every time I see my face. When people say I'm pretty, I think they are just being nice. It's like no one would ever like me for me because most people look only from the outside. People say that I can't find someone to love me if I can't love myself first but I don't know how to love myself. I hate myself. I don't know anymore.

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don't blame yourself , you were just with the wrong person . when things don't work with me I say that I am just in the wrong place , there is better place for me , it is the same with relationships , sometimes we think that we were rejected from others because we are ugly , that's not true we are just in the wrong place with the wrong people .<br />
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just accept yourself and be yourself then you will meet the person who can make you happy and you cam make him happy as well .<br />
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if you can't accept yourself how can other accept you ? .. I think when we are proud of ourselves then other people will be proud of us without even know why they are proud of us .<br />
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you are the person who should start accepting itself and then you will see the change in your life :)<br />
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I think I have accepted myself lately .lol.<br />
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I hope you can understand my English and have a good day :)

thank you boby6...

i am a man, but i find myself to be quite unlike the rest. i actually don't care what people look like. to me it is not important. what i do find important is the personality. just today, i was talking to my friend who is looking for a girlfriend and i asked him what kind of person he was looking for. he said he didn't want someone who is fat and i said why not and the only answer he could come up with was "i don't know". i told him that was really stupid and hopefully i won't offend anyone here but i said to him "so you only want the ones that are skinny and have a nice body now? you know that will fade and then what do you have? if that is the only reason you like her you are in for a shock 10 years down the line". my point is: don't listen to those guys. all they want to do is get into your pants. i know it is not really realistic but try meeting somebody online without letting them see you until about a week later. i think that is probably the best way to get around this "looks" thing that seems to be so important to people for some reason. also, i don't believe in the word ugly. everybody is beautiful in their own way regardless of what society thinks.

I can relate. I recently asked my boyfriend if he found me boring, cause I think I'm boring, since I don't do much. And he asked do you find yourself boring, and I said yes, and he said well you have low self esteem then. And I just felt horrible, it really wasn't the answer that I was looking for. <br />
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Yes, men can be jerks. But sometimes we can't help but listen to their comments.