Very Lost


I'm new to this group and feel like i just need to reach out to other people who might feel the same way. Right now im at a point in my life where i just feel completely sad all the time. I feel like ive lost interest in alot of things. I do work and im okay at work but when im not there i basically want to eat, sleep, watch tv to mainly escape my pain. I have always had low self esteem but it seems lately its worse than ever. Part of the reason is because if feel so rejected by men all the time. Everytime i like someone basicaly they reject me. And the ones who like me reject me after a few dates. It hurts so bad cause i don't know what im doing wrong. I know im a good person and deserve love and respect from a guy and all i do is get hurt one after another from them. I'm sure alot of this has to do with my father completely rejecting me at an early age. But because im getting older i feel as if ive lost hope for anyone to really love and care about me. I have friends especially one close one but she doesnt understand my sadness all the time. She has a great husband, good job that i don't have and a very good life. Not everyone has her life and in her mind im a real downer. And because she doesnt understand why if feel this way and ive kind of distanced myself from her. I feel like she thinks she's better than everyone and brags about her life. Im bored with hearing about it. She doesnt seem to get the fact im not living her life. Im my own person and not really anything is going good for me. Anyways i was just writing to ask for advice on how to like myself more and how to feel like i deserve love and not abandonment from men. Thank you for listening. Sharon

sha72 sha72
36-40, F
Mar 13, 2010