I Just Want To Wake Up Feeling Beautiful.

Everyday I wake up around 5-6 in the morning to getready for school. School start at 8:30 for me.. I spend 3-2 hours every morning to put make-up on and to do my hair. I have to spend so much time because I'm so ugly. My hair is a curly mess..I have pimples, baggs under my eyes etc. I'm just a mess, there are all pretty girls in my school and I'm the ugly duckkling. Sometimes when I go home my make-up is all smuged and I say to myself "I went the ENTIRE day looking like this?" I cry..I look llike a complete fool and nobody would fix my make up for me. I need to look "pretty" in order to be excepted by the kids in school. I use all my moms mae up lol but I just want to feel pretty being natural..but my natural is ugly. I need all the cover up, eyeliner and hair gel to feel pretty enough. Even with make up I'm still insecure because of my body. I wish I was born a prettier girl..why'd my parents have to make such an ugly kid?
gottabelou1D gottabelou1D
13-15, F
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If you were to act 5% more self concious, what would you do?

What is that supposed to mean?

ok I will ask differntly... please complete this sentence with the first thing that comes to your mind..

If I am 5% more self-accepting today, I ....