It's What Makes Me Shy a Lot of the Time.

It's not that I'm a boring person, (of course maybe I am) I just get really shy in public, I want to dissapear, the way my friends act sometimes, all giddy and cheerful. I think I battle with the things that I hate about myself but cannot change, and am therefore subconciously telling myself I am not as good as others because of my differences, which is not a good thing to tell ones self, but I cannot help it. I cannot stop the thinking pattern.
LonelySoul LonelySoul
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2007

I always think everyone is better dressed than i am which is making them more confident, I feel hopeless because i don't know how to put clothes together to make me look as good as them, <br />
So i think that's the reason why i always feel bad about myself and they always feel good about themselves, <br />
(they're good looking and they know it so they have no reason to be sad)

I feel the same way like you do! I've even been told that I'm a boring person. And that is one thing that really annoys me. <br />
The truth is that I'm not boring, I'm just really shy and it's hard for me to loosen up in public. <br />
looks like we're in the same boat!