I have started stretching and my balls are starting to hang lower.
AustinButtMan AustinButtMan
41-45, M
7 Responses Aug 26, 2010

how do u stretch your **** balls

Its about the look plus I love the way it feels when they swing and hit my wife's ***** when I am ******* her in the ***.

What's the point of having low-hangers? I've never understood that "goal."

heavy low hangin' nuts slam against yer partner ...<br />
with the rhythm of yer ****<br />
... stirs up the ******' baby-makers<br />
<br />
- rip

I am starting to stretch mine too. I think of it as kinda an exercise for the morning shower. I like how much lower and looser they are after only a few weeks. Hard to do as the weather gets colder though!

low hanging balls are simply divine

mmmmmm low hanging balls. When Im hot mine hang low and my tiny **** makes them look even lower