My Neck Sabotages Me

I have LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux), and I noticed that there is any empty forum for this condition on this website. (Most likely because it was accidentally misspelled when a group was created the first time.)

Aside from LPR, I also have Celiac's disease and dermatographia.

My doctors (a primary physician, an ENT, and a GI) all misdiagnosed the LPR as different things. I tried telling my GI that I hadn't had reflux in quite some time, but he tried to tell me that not everyone has heartburn from their reflux. Years later, it turns out that I was right about myself and that I wasn't having reflux; I had LPR.

I am an accomplished singer, and yet the LPR often makes it so that when I start singing a note nothing comes out. My throat often feels tense, and I have to drink a lot of water and swallow with my head turned in different directions to make this "hard plastic feeling" go away. This often makes me burp from the throat. (As opposed to from the top of the stomach like I believe everyone else does, and I used to) It has been so many years now that the LPR feelings seem 'normal', and that is horrible because I know I am still losing vocal control, including a bad onset of sound, pitch/tuning issues, and notes from my speaking range. I often have excessive mucous in the throat, which has started to affect my speaking voice in the past several months as well. If I try to say something softly, often the first word or words do not come out.

I have gone as far as to buy Jaime Koufman's book and to treat it as my own personal guidebook, but often I still see, hear, and feel my voice getting affected.

The good news is that for all of the attempts I see myself making to preserve the voice, and for the other things that I do "for the sake of music", it has pushed me to realize just how important music is in my life. I am strongly beginning to consider going back to school to teach choral music again, and I am starting to appreciate the music I get to make again. If I can't get this fixed, I can only hope that my quartet can win some more championship titles before I lose the voice! Here's to hoping. (*clink*)

Please share your story in this group so that others like yourself can find it, even if you previously shared it under a different group like "I have sore throat."

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- phenomen0s
phenomen0s phenomen0s
31-35, M
Jan 8, 2013