I was dreaming(obviously). I was in a forest. There was a thick fog blanketing the trees,and the Moon shined brightly. I was with Drake(my mate) and I was wearing light blue jeans with my dark pink Tshirt with a hoodie attached,it had Music Angel on it,and a bunch of hearts and music notes sprawled across it. I was also wearing my silver Nikes with an orange stripe,outlined with pink. Drake was wearing a blue Tshirt with dark blue lining around the neck,and dark blue jeans. He was also wearing silver Nikes with a blue check mark. He was leading me somewhere,and I had no clue. We then stopped at bonfire,where trees covered around it in a circle. In front of the trees there were many,many wolves 20,maybe 30 at most. The wolf council,I knew. I then saw Snow step towards me and in my mind I heard her voice say,''Shift into your wolf,for then it will be more easy to talk to us.'' I did what she said. I then was in my wolf form. And I had WINGS. Then my tail caught on fire,I was chasing my tail,trying to set the fire out. Then I changes back to my human form and STILL had wings. Then my primary feathers...surprise,surprise,caught on fire. Then I was able to put it out. Then... Ugh. I(the wolf) came out of my human body and slowly I got taller,the height of the human in front of me,I then merged myself into the human body,starting from my paws and up,when I merged my head with hers,I let out a howl. Then fell to the ground. I heard Drake shout,''What have you done!?!'' at Snow and the others. I think all the wolves heard her voice in their heads,even me,barely conscious. She spoke calmly,''I merely merged her with her human,this bond will last forever,'' When I woke up,I was burning. (In the dream) And I had a golden glow around my body. And there were flames burning around me. Yet I wasn't burning and I felt no pain. Then the dream ended.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Jan 8, 2013