I've Lucid Dreamed a Few Times... Want to Do It More.

I've only had 3 or 4 lucid dreams in my life. The first I had started as a normal dream. Lots of people were walking in single file across a huge grassy meadow. Then I wondered... Why the hell are we all doing this. Then it suddenly clicked! I'm dreaming! I was able to fly hundreds of feet in the air, break into a heavily guarded island fortress, and when I wished that a beautiful girl would take off her clothes... She did! lol Amazing experience. I've had a few random lucid dreams since then, but I really want to have them more often.

I've heard that the secret to lucid dreaming is training your mind to perform 'reality checks'. The reality checks that made me realize that I was dreaming were the strange behavior(first dream), the fact that it was winter in real life and summer in my dream (second lucid dream), and I've mostly forgotten the other ones... lol.

Anyways... I've heard that some good reality checks are turning a faucet or light switch on... I'll try that. I'm also going to seriously start a dream journal. Hopefully writing that here will make myself more likely to actually do it.

phasma phasma
18-21, M
Feb 22, 2009