Look Forward to Returning There

I left work sick, got home fell into a deep, deep sleep. I thought I was awake looking out my back window I saw 3 snakes one was black, one was brown, and one was yellow. They were chasing a small black cat with a white chest (that I felt was mine). The brown snake caught the cat and was speeding away, I was chasing it but lost sight. I went over a hill into a beautiful backyard, lush green grass and there I saw the cat, cleaning itself, it was OK. I laid down and went to sleep in the grass. I woke to a friendly woman telling me everything was OK that my sister-in-law sleeps there all the time. Suddenly I was back in my bed & saw a figure looking into my bedroom. (NO ONE was at my house and doors were locked) I was ok seeing the figure it was calming to me enough to allow me to go back to sleep (if I ever was awake). Next thing I was in an amazing new home that I apparently purchased and water was leaking into the house everywhere. I remember everything the curtians, the carpet the colors. Then I was REALLY awake in my bed thinking all of this had really happened. I was worried about a cat that I didn't even own. I have owned many cats in my life but, (not at the present time) never one that looked like this one and yet I felt like this was MY cat. I have owned many snakes and I am very comfortable with them. I wasn't afraid of the snakes, in fact I thought THEY looked familiar to me. The problem I am having is I keep seeing this beautiful green field that I ran into. And when I get there I am awake the skies are the bluest I have ever seen, there is water nearby that I can hear. Where is this place? Why do I keep returning? Why am I sooo awake in these dreams? Who is the person in my bedroom? I am not panicing, they are very calm dreams, peaceful. But when I get up I am very tired like I was running all night. Since that day I have dreamed of this place several times. It is the most peaceful place I have ever been and look forward to returning there.

Akitafmly Akitafmly
Mar 20, 2009