I Hate Lupus.

I'm so tired of being sick. I'm tired of being in the hospital ALL the time. Breathing problems one week, kidney problems the next. I hate lupus.
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Sometimes it's hard for people to understand. If I was just walking on the street, a person would not see me as ill. There are times it is a sruggle just to get out of bed. Does anyone know how long you can take these strong medications? I know steroids started as my best friend, but now have become my enemy. The side effects have outwayed it's welcome.

Me too... Not to be rude but I'm thankful to have found this site and read stories like yours.. I don't feel so alone as I once did... How are you? Hope all is well.. Btw my name is Priscilla and I've had Lupus for 17 years & Fibromyalgia for 9 years.. Complicated story but let's say it's been a hell of a ride and still is.. This/These diseases are evil 💔

I know EXACTLY how you feel like ... LITERALLY my lupus effects my kidneys and lungs lol

I was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 13 and my WORST year (until this one) was from 13 to 14. During my worst flare I dealt with pleurisy and kidney issues. Prednisone is awful isn't it??<br />
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This disease is so unpredictable but I can honestly tell you from my own experience that you can live WITH this disease.<br />
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You're very young and it sucks to have days when you're too tired,in pain etc to be out there doing what a teenager should be!! Stick with those friends who support you every step of the way,the othes just aren't worth your time.<br />
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Take care of YOU! :o)