Hate The Sun

I'm 36yrs old, a wife and mother of one. I have lupus, sjogrens, R.A., and connective tissue disorder. With summer coming brings the sun, I HATE THE SUN!!!!!! I just want to hide, it cause sores all over my body, bald spots on my head and I get sick to my stomach, just to mention a few. And with summer comes the guilt of not being able to do the things my 10yrs old daughter wants to do outside. She is wonderful, but what kid wants to stay indoors all summer. We try to put her in summer program but they cost money and if you have lupus you know there is never any extra. Also, I feel like Im sleeping away my life, more GUILT! Thanks, needed to vent.
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

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The sun has definately triggered flares for me but I'm unfamiliar with the body sores and hairloss you're experiencing,not a fun ride I'm sure!!<br />
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Something that has helped me tremendously is buying a pop up sun shade,wearing large brim hats,and spending time in the sun before noon,and after 3 p.m. It's very difficult to be a Mommy and feel like you're not engaging in day to day life with your kiddos... Best of luck to you and I hope you feel better soon!!

I have lupus, RA, raynauds, and connective tissue disorder and I'm 18. I have been out in the sun all summer. How long have you had this condition and have you always been sensitive to the sun? I really enjoy being outside so I'm just curious and hoping that will not become a problem with me.