My health problems are never ending.  Last Nov 05 I got really sick and missed a lot of work, and even ended up in the hospital in Chicago for 10 days, do to migraines.  Then one of the tests came back positvie for lupus.  Which I had done some reasearch on even before i went to the hospital. 

When I got back home to MI I went to a rumatoligest and they gave me the diagnosis of lupus along with RA and fibermialgia.  Ok I'm only 28 years old and am goin through all of this.  I new it was lupus before they even told me, but it was a hard pill to swollow when they did tell me in March of 06.  They have me on a pretty good regimina of drugs to keep my flair ups down right now.  But when I do get one, it is really bad. 

I just wish I had other people to talk to out here that is goin through some of the same things that I am goin through.  I really could use the support of others right now.  Life is kinda hard on me right now.  I have even had suiside thoughts.  So please anyone out here please I could use your help.



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Sometimes I just shut myself away I feel so low.I cant talk to people about thuis really cause ...its pointless. No one really understands Lupus unless its you with it. My mum just gets narky,doesnt. wont understand this bitty disease.Its not just ONE thing I tell affects loads of things.Recently I have had stomach problems too which the GP thinks is Lupus related too...its almost like a cancer and its fingers spread all through your body. Im gonna leave now ...I feel a rant coming on and its not fair. Drop by and say 'hi' sometime.....?

you know what's crazy? my mother passed from this disease when i was 10. when she first was diagnosed my maternal grandmother didnt think she was that sick and didnt understand the pain my mom was in. now that i am in my mid 20's i've been feeling different. and i never thought that maybe i may have inherited lupus. i hope not. but i have been having stomach problems, and migraines as well. i take pain medication for it. i would be devestated if i do have it.

Lupus sucks the pain the everything support groups help alot

hey...<br />
I feel the same way you do. It is truly a 'grieving' process that we all have to go through when we get a diagnosis like this. Lupus has taken almost everything away from me....but now i am starting to come out of the depression that I experienced, and I am starting to build a new isn't easy. We could all use a shoulder to lean on, especially a shoulder that knows what it is like.

I can relate. I've been sick through most of my 20s, and I'm 30 now. After years of being sick, I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, which is related to Lupus. I believe they will also end up disgnosing me with lupus. I also have RA and fibromyalgia.<br />
Being 30 and having arthritis is very disheartening. Some days I am so weak or in so much pain that I can't get out of bed...or I just crawl because I cannot stand to walk. No one else sees or knows what I live with, which makes me feel alone. Just know that there are other people out there.<br />
I do agree that seeking support though support groups helps. The Lupus Foundation (LFA) has support groups around the country, and I subscribe to their magazine, which has a lot of information. There's a lot out there and a lot of people who struggle with this illness, so try not to lose hope. Counseling would also be helpful if you can arrange it. It has helped me to find ways to cope and better ways of looking at my situation.<br />
Good luck!

Sorry about the pain you are in. You should maybe try some non medical practises. Who knows what could happen. Hope you feel better. And you should see a pro about your depression. I think when you think about committing suicide, that is the time to seek good help.