I Have Lymes Disease.... How Hard It Is To Tell Me What That Means?

Well like a lot I don't remember being bit. But I do remember a point in 2004 when my Dad and I went hiking through the north woods of WI and the UP of MI. After that lots of things changed for me... I started to sleep a lot, was depressed and sick all the time. My mom thought I had mono or was just really depressed and being an emotional teenager.

Every time I would go to the Dr. and they would ask what else I had going on I would always bring up my joints and how badly they hurt and these "growing pains" they would test me for things like RA and it always came back negative. They said that I probably had early stage arthritis and to be kind to my joints.

over and over again the same thing. Till recently when I called my Doctor and told her that I didn't care what she had to do to me she needed to give my a physical and figure out why I was feeling so terrible. Starting back in August 2009 I was getting these headaches that would last for weeks, I could hardly get out of bed or care for my children. I just wanted to sleep and was nauseous, My husband was certain I was pregnant when I would get this way.

So I go to the Dr. they take 11 vials of blood this was on a Wednesday... Monday I got a call from my long term Favorite family Doctor who told me that I tested positive for Lymes Disease and RA... I said ok what does that mean and she said well I really don't know I do not have many people with it... but I will treat you by the books.. I though OK sounds GREAT! Till I made some phone calls and told people what I was told and every one seemed more alarmed then even my Dr... so I assumed that these people just were misinformed.

I googled and googled and talked to people who also have it or know people who have it... and pretty much find out that I finally have a explanation for all of that suffering I did as a kid and young adult. I found out that I needed to be seeing a LLMD Lyme Literate Doctor, another words someone who actually believes in lymes disease and how it behaves and what is does to people.

So now I am being treated after a long two months of knowing and yet not knowing what I was doing right and wrong. or what any of this meant for me. We recently found out that my husband has it as well. I am sicker then him most days but its still hard to see him suffer.

Treatment is a good and bad thing. you get Herxs that are anything from pimples to throwing up or rashes and double vision... all of these things and a lot more they say are the Lymes dying and all the toxins are what make you sicker.
I have pretty much no short term memory left... also a side effect. I have noticed for a long time that I was a little scatter brained and would forget things sometimes... but now I for get people, names, directions to places i have been over and over again, I forget where I'm going and why. I have even for got people were in my house and been scared by them.
My hair is pretty much greasy right after I wash it and falls out in clumps. My joints throb constantly and the deep tissue muscle aches keep me from sleeping or even just relaxing ever. we both have headaches pretty much every day that nothing comes close to touching.

We still don't know how sick we really are or if we will ever get better... I hear this is a life style now, I guess we just have to wait and see. I wish I knew more.. I wish the professionals knew more.

To anyone who has lymes, Stand up for your self. See a proper doctor and work on you for a while.. this stuff does take peoples lives away... and that doesn't always mean death.

anythingispossible anythingispossible
22-25, F
Jul 20, 2010