I Just Found Out i have Lyme Disease But Not Sure How Long I Have Had It

I just found out yesterday i have Lyme Disease
i had a blood test done 12/20/2011 and i failed to go back for the
results. well i got sick with Bronchitis and then after had severe
migraines. I went back in yesterday and he told my my results. My Lyme
AB IGM WB 41 KD Band was reactive. He put me on Doxycline and i have a
Brain MRI, An Upper Gi, and a abdomen complete ultra sound scheduled
for tomorrow. I also found a Infection specialist that i have an appt.
with on Wednesday. I have had several symptoms for years. In 2002 i
had severe migraines that caused black outs. never found out why. in
2004 i was diagnosed in a study for fibromyalga. I had several years
of extreamly bad periods that produced alot of blood and clots. In
2007 i have a hysterectomy because of all the pain. 2 years ago my arm
was going numb and i was diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease. I
only remember being bit by a tick when i was young. Never saw a rash.
So i have no idea how long i have had this.
sanderschantel sanderschantel
41-45, F
Feb 1, 2012