I Was Running From The Reeper!!!

My story begins with when i was 19yrs old i was in a bad accident that lead to 5 back surgeries with the last one in 1993 they had to put metal rods & screws in my back, I almost died from this surgery, i had neck surgey & both knees operated on. I was a nurse & was able to work thru all of this. Then one day i had these stabbing hot ice pick pain in my feet & it cont. to get worse. I went thru the guantlet of Dr.'s & i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, ms, parkinsons, seizures, neuropathy, and any other neuro disease you can think of. My dr. had me on alot of pain killers, the last one i was on was fentanyl patch, well i figured out that if you eat the gel out of the patch it gave me such a euphoria, and i had no pain. I had to keep using more & more cuz i was becoming immuned to it. I was a closet addict, my family didnt know, my husband didnt even know. Then one day he came home from work & found me unresponsive, so he took me to the nearest hospital, by the time i got to the hosp. i was dead, i had no blood pressure, no pulse, well they worked on me for about an hour. I was put on a vent & was in a coma for 7 days. When i came out of my coma, i knew my secret was out. I went to rehab & havent taken narcotics for almost 4 yrs. This happened in 2008 & i had resigned where i worked in 2007. So i was sober now but i was getting sicker, & the pain was off the charts & i was @ the E.R. cont. My sister-in-law kept telling me everytime i was hospitalized, that i had symptoms of lymes & i kept telling her no i don't. Well it got to the point that i could walk just a couple steps & couldnt talk & i was preparing for death in fact i welcomed death. Well last Aug. my brother & sister-in-law convinced me to see one more Dr, who was a lymes dr, well i was clinically diagnosed with lymes & my lyme dr said i probably wouldnt have lived another 6 months & had to go for the bloodwork & it came up positive in my immune system IGG, so i had a definatye diagnosis of late stage lyme, 2 days after starting the high doses of antibiotics. I just had 28 straight good days, but the other day i was hit with alot of my old symptoms & it's so depressing, i had all those good days & now this is the worst the herxheimers has been. I pray that the medical community finally could come to an agreement!!! God bless all of my lyme brothers & sisters!!!
lpn1110 lpn1110
46-50, F
May 15, 2012