Relief to Know What's Wrong

I am by no means happy to know I have lyme desease. But am glad to know what is wrong with me. I have been progressively getting sicker for the last year and a half. I literally thought I was going crazy. Infact I remember telling my husband I think I am losing my mind. Throw in the fact I started menopause, which I thought that's what it was. I never would have thought of lyme until a big bulls-eye showed up. I remember almost 2yrs.ago seeing that but not paying to much attention to it, it did go away. I wish there was more public announcements as to what this is and how bad it can be or get to be. Anyways thank God my husband asked if I was bit by a tick. And that's when I went forward and started getting help. I just finished my oral anti's but they seem to not be working...I go back next week to the doctor...I hope I get better, I am an independant person full of life and right now I am just trying to keep my head above water...I hate this stuff....I just cry some days and pray to get better... thanks for lending an ear...god bless you alll
lovethewind lovethewind
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1 Response Jul 6, 2008

I was in the exact same boat as you! I really thought I was going crazy! When I found out what was wrong i just began to cry with relief. You will get through it all, just stay strong :)