Hardly Ever Sick

I hardly ever get sick. Maybe the flu once a year. I contacted Lymes in 1986. Even though I went to many doctors, I was not diagnosed for six years. Because I had two children to take care of and couldn't afford to miss any more work, I went to my Doctor at lunch evergy day to get a cephalexan shot. By the time my week was up I had absesses on my behind. After the week of shots, I felt better for about a week and then started feeling bad again. My doctor said there was nothing else he could do.

What do you think about plum island? Was Lymes developed there and it got loose? If so why can't there be a cure. I haven't worked since 2001. I now had diabetes, psoriatic arthritis, It would be nice to have a life again. Any suggestions?

jeweldee jeweldee
56-60, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Hi Im the person who posted 'dog walker who loves dogs and hates Lymes'. I saw a documentary about Plum Island. I do believe it was mutated into a more dangerous form there but has been in exsistance for a long time. They have found traces of the Lyme spirochete in Icemen dating way back. I bet our bodies were able to beat Lymes with herbs and proper food selections pre-mutated Lymes but now I'm not so sure. I have heard there is no cure for it but that it can put in 'remission'. I have to believe that people in power have a cure for everything they create though or they wouldnt have released it in the first place? Either way....we will never see that cure unless we rise to a position of power so best bet is to try and put it into 'remission' with whatever works. Im still looking for the right combination of things that work.